Container-Free Biogas Systems Built for Real-World Conditions

In the biogas and renewable natural gas (RNG) industry, there’s a common misconception that containerized systems are essential for effective operation and maintenance. Many potential clients believe that using containers is the best approach. However, at GraniteFuel Engineering, we challenge this misconception with a superior containerless design. Our biogas condition systems are designed specifically for […]

Unlocking the Power of Biogas on the Path to Sustainable Energy and Revenue Generation

Biogas Conditioning Technology

What do diverse sectors like dairy farms, waste management facilities, breweries, and paper mills share? Beyond their core operations, they all possess an untapped goldmine of sustainable energy: biogas. And here at GraniteFuel Engineering, we specialize in biogas conditioning technology, transforming harmful greenhouse gasses into a powerhouse of revenue and sustainability. The Untapped Potential of […]

The Essential Role of Biogas Pretreatment in RNG Production

As the renewable energy sector continues to grow, biogas emerges as a key player in the drive towards sustainability. Originating from organic waste, biogas holds the potential to be refined into renewable natural gas (RNG), a clean and efficient alternative to traditional natural gas. Yet, the path from raw biogas to RNG involves several critical […]

The Critical Role of Biogas Pretreatment in RNG Upgrading Efficiency

Biogas Pretreatment

In the quest for sustainable energy solutions, biogas stands out as a promising candidate. However, the journey from raw biogas to high-quality renewable natural gas (RNG) is not as straightforward as it might seem. One of the pivotal steps in this transformation is biogas pretreatment. In this article, we’ll explore the potential consequences of bypassing […]

Can Biogas Pretreatment and Upgrading Equipment Eliminate Farm Emissions and Agricultural GHGs

In the vast landscape of global industries, agriculture stands out as both a vital provider of sustenance and a significant contributor to environmental challenges. As the world grapples with the pressing issues of climate change, food security, and sustainable resource management, the agricultural sector finds itself at the crossroads of these converging challenges. While traditional […]

The Importance of Biogas Pretreatment for Agricultural Digesters: Challenges and Opportunities

In the renewable energy landscape, biogas derived from agricultural digesters stands out as a promising and sustainable energy source. As the world shifts towards greener energy solutions, the value of biogas, especially from agricultural waste, is increasingly recognized. However, to unlock its full potential, a crucial step is often required: biogas pretreatment. In this article, […]

Tour a Net-Zero CHP & Biogas Conditioning System with GraniteFuel

See how DTMA in Hershey, PA treats biogas from wastewater to operate a Net-Zero CHP with gas conditioning equipment supplier GraniteFuel Engineering Wastewater treatment operations, the largest consumer of energy for most municipalities, has been reimagined in Hershey, PA. Thanks to GraniteFuel’s robust Biogas Conditioning equipment and a CHP (combined heat & power) system, the […]

Biogas Pretreatment, Conditioning, and Upgrading: GraniteFuel’s Expertise Unveiled

In the realm of renewable energy, biogas stands out as a promising and sustainable energy source. Derived from organic materials, biogas can be transformed into a high-quality fuel suitable for various applications. However, this transformation requires a series of intricate processes, each with its unique purpose and methodology. In this article, we delve into the […]

From Pasture to Pipeline: Dairy Farm RNG Transformation with GraniteFuel Biogas Upgrading

In a recent article by WUFT News, the spotlight was cast on Alliance Dairies in Trenton, Florida, and its innovative approach to the RNG transformation by turning cow waste into profits. We at GraniteFuel Engineering proudly associate ourselves with this groundbreaking initiative, offering the essential equipment and expertise to turn this vision into a reality. […]

The Role of RNG in Achieving Net-Zero Emissions

As the world grapples with the escalating climate crisis, the transition to renewable energy sources has never been more critical. While solar and wind energy often take the spotlight, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is an unsung hero in the fight against climate change. In this blog post, we’ll explore how RNG can play a pivotal […]