Tour a Net-Zero CHP & Biogas Conditioning System with GraniteFuel

See how DTMA in Hershey, PA treats biogas from wastewater to operate a Net-Zero CHP with gas conditioning equipment supplier GraniteFuel Engineering

Wastewater treatment operations, the largest consumer of energy for most municipalities, has been reimagined in Hershey, PA. Thanks to GraniteFuel’s robust Biogas Conditioning equipment and a CHP (combined heat & power) system, the Derry Township Municipal Authority (DTMA) now operates a low carbon intensity facility producing high efficiency electrical power from renewable biogas.

A Glimpse of the Future, Today

The DTMA facility highlights how integrated biogas treatment systems can dramatically reduce energy consumption and enhance operational efficiency. GraniteFuel’s proven solutions are at the forefront of this technology, leading the charge in renewable energy with designs emphasizing minimal energy input and lowest operating costs.

Join the Movement Toward Sustainability

Discover how your facility can achieve similar results. GraniteFuel’s design & engineering not only prioritizes sustainability but also delivers significant cost savings. Experience savings on utility operating costs of 25% or higher over alternative biogas conditioning processes.

Interested in a deeper dive into potential savings for your biogas system? Contact GraniteFuel today for a detailed analysis and start your journey toward operational excellence and cost-efficiency.

Special thanks to everyone at DTMA & Brown And Caldwell for making this project possible.


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