GraniteFuel Engineering Announces Patent-Pending Technology to Facilitate Carbon-Negative Energy Production

With sustainable and green energy sources being in great demand, Toronto-based GraniteFuel Engineering is pleased to announce their patent-pending thermal hydrolysis technology which allows for removal of harmful compounds required to produce clean, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

For many waste to energy (w2e) operations, such as agriculture, wastewater, and landfills, a great amount of waste is created, but converting it to an energy source remains awfully expensive. GraniteFuel’s technology enables dairy farms (for example) to convert harmful waste and divert pollutants and GHGs into clean, renewable natural gas more cost effectively – allowing for on-site energy production or gas that enters a pipeline system

“If we captured the RNG potential from all agricultural, landfill and wastewater sources in North America, we could use this to displace more than 50% of current natural gas used in the transportation sector”, said Glen Prisciak, Sales Director at GraniteFuel Engineering.

Simply put, when organic waste such as compost or cow manure decomposes, it releases methane, a greenhouse gas (GHG), and other harmful compounds into the atmosphere. By capturing and purifying this waste, as well as waste from landfills and wastewater, green energy companies and municipalities can capture this biogas and generate carbon negative energy.

The largest potential for clean RNG production rests in the agricultural sector. Credits that drive the development of these projects are calculated based on the potential for GHG reductions of which dairy operations score the best”, added Prisciak.

Green energy providers and large agricultural operations in the USA are more eager than ever to turn this waste into RNG, with the recent passing of the Inflation Reduction Act, which provides tax credits to renewable energy projects. The team of experts at GraniteFuel (DCL) provide guidance for customers to take advantage of incentives, providing a truly green, alternate stream of revenue.  

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